Get to know the team behind C365Cloud and how our organisation was formed

Our Story

The concept of C365Cloud was formed by our SMT who spotted a gap in the Compliance market for a product which enabled
the independent and proactive management of property compliance certificates and the outcomes from them.

Founded in 2010, the software was designed and built in the UK and has been developed by our in-house UK based team of

Our bespoke, C365Cloud service has been created to help organisations monitor, evidence, and improve their estates
facilities and compliance management.

ISO 27001 certification

What is C365Cloud?

C365Cloud provides ‘Software-as-a-Service’. This approach ensures flexibility and responsiveness to the changing needs and the methodology by which compliance is achieved, e.g., rapidly responding to legislative changes with appropriate amendments and ensuring users are aware of their new responsibilities. This is aimed at removing the administrative burden from our clients whilst maintaining the system performance and user experience.

Compliance Management Software
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The team behind C365Cloud

C365Cloud are on a number of frameworks including:

NHS SBS Hard Facilities Management Framework

This framework is free to access for all UK public sector bodies, proving a compliant route to market. Organisations can direct award under this framework, which provides flexible contract terms.

HM Government G-Cloud 12

G-Cloud contracts are offered on a 2-year contract with two extension periods of up to 12 months each (total call-off length 4 years). This framework is available to all public body organisations.

Northern Housing Consortium

This framework is offered to public sector bodies throughout England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Organisations can direct award under this framework, providing a complaint route to market, saving procurement teams time and money.

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