C365Cloud boasts an Energy Certification module which provides a full visibility of property ratings across your estate.

The module tracks the ratings and expiry dates of certificates such as EPCs, DECs and TM44s. Automatic notifications are sent to key personnel ahead of the certification expiry dates, to ensure new certificates can be completed ahead of expiry.

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Carbon Management

Our Energy and Carbon Management category boasts numerous solutions to assist organisations with monitoring and tracking energy certification and carbon emissions.

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Our ESOS Tracking module will allow authorised users to upload the latest ESOS report by premises and:

  • Store the report against the correct property
  • Extraction of energy saving recommendations table including energy saving Initiative ID, Title, Fuel, Annual Savings (£,kWh, tCO2),Cost, Payback and NPV and Description
  • List the unquantified opportunities as actions
  • Create and configure an executive management report monthly delivered by email

C365Cloud’s F Gas and Maintenance Log module will automatically send a monthly reminder to each building’s authorised user with air condition system on a monthly cyclic basis with:

  • Create a “Do Task” application F-Gas collection form
  • Configure C365 with of all the air-conditioning as assets by property an allocate unique asset id’s
  • Create cyclic maintenance schedule for CHP and Solar assets
  • Created Cumulative consumption dashboard with logbook readings to show monthly F Gas losses by building
  • Cumulative annual tCo2e cumulative dashboard by building, by grouping and building GIA / m2 (if provided)
  • Live dashboards and alerts to display site-based submission and maintenance schedule compliance
  • Create and configure an executive management report monthly delivered by email

C365Cloud has a bespoke energy and carbon category to help organisations monitor and track their energy and carbon consumption in support of helping organisations to reduce their carbon emissions in accordance with Scope 1 and 2 of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) Standards.

Each of the modules under this category will benefit from cyclic management capabilities, live bespoke dashboards, workflow, and alerting engine and one centralised repository accessible by all authorised users.

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