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C365Cloud are Supporting Fire Door Safety Week 2020

At C365Cloud, we are supporting the annual Fire Door Safety Week to help raise awareness of the critical role of fire doors. C365Cloud helps you manage fire door safety as it covers over 20 areas of fire safety, from Fire Risk Assessments (FRAs) to fire door reporting and smoke detector testing.  

C365Cloud has developed a bespoke mobile form, which can be used to complete a fire door inspection, utilising features such as bar-code scanning to manage unique assets and auto population to ensure absolute accuracy. Our interactive floor plans allow customers to pinpoint exactly where each fire door is located and view any reports associated with that particular door. 


The bespoke mobile forms provided eliminate the need for any paperwork and ensure a full audit trail of evidence. This not only saves the cost of printing, but also reduces the risk of documents going missing or getting damaged.  


Documentation, such as fire risk assessments, can be uploaded straight to the system from on-site mobile devices, where live dashboards provide an overview on outstanding actions and risks. These dashboards allow you to manage fire safety through ‘Green, Amber and Red’ actions.  


Our customers also love C365Cloud as engineers can complete multiple inspections on site at one time, which can be fed back live whilst still on site. There is unlimited user access, with visibility of fire door compliance from all locations, whilst automatically alerting staff when inspection dates are due.  


If you wish to request a demonstration of the C365Cloud system to help you manage your buildings’ fire safety doors, contact our friendly team today on01924 669940or send us an email to 


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