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Manage Your Properties Legionella Compliance

As a property manager, C365Cloud can assist you in monitoring Legionella and water
temperature compliance throughout your property estate. Ensuring your
legionella and water compliance is regulated is essential to certify the safety
of tenants and employees.


On average, there are approximately 200-250 reported cases of Legionnaires’
disease across England and Wales, which is caused by legionella cases, with
bacteria manifesting in poorly maintained water systems.

C365Cloud is an award winning, cloud-hosted compliance management system designed to help
organisations effectively manage, audit and improve their levels of statutory
compliance, including Legionella and water temperature management.


Our industry leading software is focused on streamlining and simplifying processes
and providing one system for all compliance areas, with unlimited user access.
Our cloud-based software reduces the need for paper-based forms, decreasing the
risk of human error and double data handling, as well as providing the customer
with a full audit action trail.


C365’s software can help you manage legionella risk assessments and water logbooks.

The system covers a vast array of daily, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly checks, which can be
completed either through an interactive mobile app or directly into the
browser, ensuring live updates and action creation, providing full visibility
of all events relating to water hygiene.
As part of the system, water logbooks can be

updated, which provides legally defensible evidence and a full audit trail.


C365Cloud allows maintenance managers to track sentinel temperature changes through
recurring checks. This allows ongoing water monitoring, and automatically
identifies whether temperatures fall below or raise above recommended temperature
thresholds. If the temperature of the water check at one of your assets is
above or below specific thresholds, actions and notifications can be
automatically raised, to ensure complete compliance for your properties.


If you wish to request a demonstration of the C365Cloud system to help you manage
your buildings’ compliance, contact our friendly team today on 01924 669940 or
send us an email to


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