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November 13, 2020 AsbestosC365 CloudCompliance

Manage Your Property’s Asbestos Compliance With C365Cloud

As a property owner, C365Cloud can help you monitor your asbestos compliance across your property estate. Ensuring your asbestos compliance is up to date is essential to certify the safety and wellbeing of tenants or employees. 

Why manage your property’s asbestos?  


If asbestos is not managed correctly, it can have serious consequences for those around it. Breathing in air containing asbestos fibres can lead to asbestos-related diseases, mainly cancers of the lungs and chest lining. Asbestos is only a risk to health if asbestos fibres are released into the air and breathed in. 


Past exposure to asbestos currently kills around 4500 people a year in Great Britain. Workers who carry out building maintenance and repair are particularly at risk. To avoid the dangers of asbestos, C365Cloud can help you track and manage asbestos surveys and reviews, reducing the risk of non-compliance.   


What buildings are affected?  

  • All non-domestic buildings, whatever the type of business. 
  • The common areas of domestic buildings, e.g halls, stairwells, lift shafts, roof spaces. 
  • All other domestic properties are not affected by the duty to manage. 

How can C365Cloud help your organisation? 

C365Cloud can help you complete asbestos surveys and reviews, through bespoke mobile forms, and automated data extraction from supplier PDF certificates, ensuring one central point of control for your asbestos compliance.  


The solution also supports interactive floor plans highlighting exactly where asbestos is within a property, helping to improve the efficiency and accuracy of re-inspections. With a full audit trail, keep track of when asbestos surveys and reviews have been completed, who by and if any actions need to be taken. 


Get in touch with our friendly team today to see the system in action. We’d be happy to provide your organisation with a demonstration. Call us on 01924 669940 or send us an email 




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