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Paper Forms VS Mobile Forms: Which is Better?

In this digital age, it is astounding to see so many
organisations still recording compliance on paper-based forms.

With an increased pressure on organisations to cut costs and
lower their carbon footprint, it is increasingly inadequate to see many organisations
using paper to record survey reports. Not only is using countless amounts of
paper costly for organisations and bad for their carbon footprint, but it also
presents high risks of vital information going missing, or forms with
handwriting that is hard to understand.

Data Accuracy

When it comes to recording compliance, it is imperative that
organisations ensure all data recorded is accurate, readable, and reliable.
With paper-based forms organisations pose the risk of not all essential
information being recorded, being damaged or lost. Mobile forms diminish the
risk of vital information being missing. With C365’s mobile forms organisations
can add in-built skip logic and pre-determined drop-down fields, ensuring all
essential information is captured first time round. Forms are stored in the
cloud with local caching, ensuring no forms go unaccounted for.

Action Extraction

With paper-based forms, organisations will have to wait
until the form is returned to the office and inputted into the system, and
manually extracting actions which can be time consuming and a serious risk for
an organisation if urgent actions need to be taken. With C365’s mobile forms,
actions are automatically extracted as soon as the survey is submitted, which
can be live from site to compile a risk-based action database. Supported by
automated dispatch of bespoke reports and “live and dynamic” graphical
real-time dashboard views. This ensures vital actions can be acted on quickly,
improving the compliance status of properties and ensuring no further risks are

Effective Use of Time

When field workers are required to handwrite each form, it
can take a long time to ensure everything is written down correctly. C365’s mobile
forms are designed to be quick and easy to complete, meaning field workers can
process more tasks per day. Our software also has automated job allocation and
dispatch which allows jobs to be sent directly to field workers for completion.

In summary, going paperless and transforming into the
digital age by using mobile forms, can not only help organisations to become
more efficient and organised but can also help organisations have a clearer
visibility of the compliance status across their full estate.

Transform into the digital age and use C365Cloud to manage
your paper-based PPM tasks, through our mobile working solution. Get in touch with
our friendly team to learn more about how our system can help you. Call us on
01924 669940 or send us an email to

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