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Transforming Compliance

C365Cloud software is responsible for helping thousands of organisations spanning numerous sectors to transform the way in which compliance is managed. 

C365Cloud has been designed and developed in house to help organisations audit, manage, and improve the way in which compliance is managed.  

Many organisations utilise numerous systems or paper-based forms to manage various processes throughout their organisation, leaving plenty of room for human error. Due to utilising numerous systems, organisations are then faced without a central location to manage their policies and procedures. Therefore it’s easy to forget inspections and misplace paperwork.  

C365Cloud has been designed and developed with our customers in mind. Our solution stores everything in one central location, making it straightforward to quickly identify areas which need attention. 

From the many years, we’ve worked across the various industries our software is deployed across, we understand that there is no one size fits all solution. Each organisation has their own policies, procedures, and methods for carrying out compliance and assurance activities. Therefore we work hand in hand with our clients to develop bespoke solutions for them. 

C365Cloud’s software solution features over 100 different modules across: 

  • Fire safety 
  • Gas safety 
  • Asbestos safety 
  • Legionella 
  • LOLER 
  • Electrical safety 
  • Health and Safety 
  • Accident and incident reporting 
  • Lab testing 
  • And more! 

Our system’s evidence-based reporting, mobile working, and a legally defensible position have proven to improve visibility and ensure organisations can focus resources effectively. We currently help manage compliance for circa 1 million properties, with more than 100,000 individual users and over 100 compliance areas. 

Transform into the digital age and let C365Cloud help you to transform compliance. Get in touch on 01924 669940 or send an email to to find out how C365Cloud can help you. 


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