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July 6, 2022 C365 CloudCompliance

We can help you organise your assets!

C365Cloud can help your organisation manage, audit, and view assets at an estate level property level, or property group even if your estate is large and complex.

The organisation of assets can include other levels such as regions, property types, and compliance areas.

We can help reduce the administrative burden of identifying where each asset is located. C365Cloud can work with your organisation to create one central location of all assets within your property portfolio by creating a full asset register.

Asset tags are a convenient way in which to organise your assets. An asset tag can be created in any size, shape, material, or colour. As well as being branded with a company’s logo and brand colours. Asset tags can be fixed upon most surfaces and placed almost anywhere. Examples of assets that can be tagged include fire doors, boilers, and fire extinguishers.

C365Cloud software allows users to scan asset tags and view historical compliance history and associated actions for the asset.

The different types of asset tags we provide include:

  • QR codes:

QR codes are quick response codes that are machine-readable labels, that can be applied to anything that an organisation wishes to tag. A QR code can hold more data than a barcode.

  • Barcodes:

The data that a barcode can hold is limited, due to the size of the stripes and the spacing between the horizontal lines.

  • RFID tags:

RFID means short frequency identification. The tags use radio frequency technology to help identify where each asset is. They are used with an RFID reader on a network-connected device.

C365Cloud can use asset tags by:

We can provide you with a full inventory of assets within your organisation. As well as help create an asset register of your full estate or narrow it down by each individual block or region.

As well as being able to see a full inventory of your assets, your organisation can use C365Cloud to:

  • Provide full visibility of where each asset is located.
  • Assign users individual assets that they are held responsible for.
  • Limit the data that each user can access.

How Can We Help?

You can read more about our asset tagging solution by clicking here.

If you would like to find out more about how we can help you with asset tagging, get in touch with our friendly team on 01924 669940. Alternatively, you can send us an email at

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